"Argo's Legend"

Cattery  of breed Selkirk rex (cat-lamb)

Date of a birth 08.10.2007г.

Velvet Curly Argo's Legend Sir, curly, short-haired, black
 Remains in cattery
Vanilla Cake Argo's Legend Dam, varietta, long-haired, black tortoise  For sale
Valiant Argo's Legend Sir, varietta, long-haired, black For sale

All kittens are on sale in the age of 12 weeks completely imparted and with all necessary documents are not more younger!

Father : Luis of Antales, PER d 33                                                    Mother: Curly Susy from Sham, SRS a



Contact us:

Breeder: Maria Domashenko

The address: Nizhni Novgorod, Tonkinskaja st., 1-77

phone: 8-910-3928387

e-mail: infinit52@rambler.ru

ISQ: 368560932


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